TTZ tournaments

Zürisee Cup

After a long break, a Zürisee Cup was held again at Dancers in Wallisellen on Saturday, 24 July 2021.

Beginners Challenge

This tournament is aimed at hobby and D & C class couples of all categories and will take place at Dancers in Wallisellen.

Glattal Cup

Dance sport tournament with tradition. All day long, the best dance couples from Switzerland and nearby countries danced for victories and placements in the Latin American and standard dances at the Glattal Pokal in the Doktorhaus in Wallisellen.

Reg Borrow Basic Trophy

At the end of the year, the traditional Reg Borrow Basic Trophy will take place at Dancers in Wallisellen. The standard tournament is open to all categories and classes. Only basic figures with step limits may be danced. In addition, there will be an SDSC tournament.