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Glattal Cup
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Schedule and starter list for the Glattal Cup is online...
Swiss Standard Championships
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The Standard SM, will take place on Saturday, 9 September in the Great Hall of the Üdiker-Huus in Uitikon/ZH ...

About us

Dance sport with tradition

Originally founded as "Tanzzirkel" in 1954, the Turnier-Tanzsportklub Zürich (TTZ) is today one of the oldest, most traditional and largest clubs of its kind in the whole of Switzerland. We currently have about 200 members and 50 ballroom dancers. We do not only concentrate on competitions and performances, but also offer a safe support in a pleasant atmosphere to all those who want to dance in pairs and tournaments.

The TTZ is not only one of the oldest and largest dance clubs in Switzerland, but is also one of the most committed clubs. For example, we participate in the Kantonal Tanzsportverband Zürich (KTSV) and the Turniertanzsport Verband Stadt Zürich (TTVSZ). We are also active at the supra-regional level. The TTZ is, of course, a member of the Swiss Dance Sport Association (STSV), which is also responsible for the organisation of the championships and the regulations, among other things.

Apart from that, we help to make dancing more popular on a regional and national level. For this reason, there are always exciting events and, in some cases, taster training sessions, where newcomers can experience all the excitement of this hobby for a short time.



On Saturday 07 October, the Glattal Cup will be shown in the livestream from 1 p.m. onwards